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  • Contemporary European Furniture


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About Us

We believe that everyone should have access to beautiful furniture but without the price tag.

How do we do that is simple, we cut the middlemen out of the way, and work directly with innovative furniture makers around the world, to bring you high-quality, high-end, yet affordable, pieces of furniture.
Now, no more middlemen and marked-up deals, only affordable beautiful furniture!

Intimitable Style

We promise unique, never-before-seen designs. We offer a great mix of modern, unconventional, yet sophisticated and classy, pieces of furniture that will truly add a touch of freshness to your house..

uncompromised quality

Home HQ ensures that you get beautiful furniture at affordable costs. But we in doing that, we do not compromise on quality, and provide you the optimum.

superior materials

While giving you the best deal is our aim, we do not compromise on the quality of materials. To prove our point all our products come with a standard 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.


freebie time!

Here is a small guide with some tips on styling,because who doesn't work want to show off an outstanding living on the button below to avail free guide!

From our blog post

How to set up a bachelor pad?

Living in a cramped 1 BHK and still managing to have a
house which looks like something out Bruce Wayne's pad is
a skill and more of a dream...


HOMEHQ has Added a stylish touch to my home.

Mayur Gandhi

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Mayur Gandhi